Sunland Clark has opened Sunland’s Cleaning Service on July first, 2021. Through July, the following contracts have been signed. These are A sewer line replacement contract to replace the existing sewer connection, a stormwater removal/garbage pickup contract, a stormwater removal/garden water pickup contract, and a sod contract.

Sunlight Cleaning Services

These are for the regular business and not the landscaping contract which is usually done separately. The reason for the change is due to the growth of the business.

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The first contract was for a sewer line replacement which was handled by the previous owners. The owner had sold it to them and they had replaced all the fixtures. All was well until one July day there was a fire in the laundry room Recurring Cleaning. Water started to leak and by the time the fire department arrived, the mess had already spread. Luckily they made it out of the building. Amazingly no one was hurt in the fire.

From that point forward, everything changed. Contractors began coming in with their bids to perform the household cleaning services market. It became obvious that the cost of cleaning services in Sunland needed to increase. Contractors wanted to stay ahead of the competition so they began buying cleaning products in bulk and distributing them to customers who used Sunland Residential Cleaning Services.

What follows next is a marketing plan to help the residential cleaning services company to grow. A public relations campaign was created to help the public understand what Sunland Cleaning Services offers. This included commercials on local television, newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, Internet advertising, etc. By the time the year ended, there were more than a dozen public relations specialists.

In the coming years, another major change took place. Sunland Residential Cleaning Services became known as Sunlight Cleaning Services. Many companies in the commercial cleaning services market tried to undercut Sunlight Cleaning Services by claiming to be the largest residential cleaning service in the country.

One way Sunlight Cleaning Services kept itself from becoming a threat was to hire several hundred new contractors and pay for newspaper ads to convince residents that they needed Sunlight Cleaning Services. This allowed Sunlight Cleaning Services to become the largest cleaning service in Sunland County. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to keep residents happy.

As offices grew in size and required janitorial cleaners, companies turned to larger companies for the commercial cleaning services market. Today, there are more than twelve thousand cleaners employed by over fifty companies.

The reason for this growth is the high demand from small businesses for a professional cleaning service. Sunlight Cleaning Services will continue to grow as companies find it easier to manage a professional cleaning service than to attempt to handle it themselves.