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Like Uber, PetBacker is an app for pet owners. It connects pet owners with trustworthy sitters in their area who will watch over their beloved pets while they are away. You can sign up for free to become a PetBacker and start earning money from home. You can also sign up to drop off your pet at a dog boarding facility, pet grooming salon, or any other service you can think of.


To get started, you need to sign up and sign in as a “PetBacker” by submitting a profile and a few photos of your pets. Then, you just wait for people to hire you! When a pet owner wants to hire you, they can accept your offer and then send you a notification to schedule the service. You can choose the location and type of pet that needs a pet sitter.

Right Pet Taxi


If you’re looking for a pet-friendly ride, consider the pet taxi SpotOn app. It’s a ride-sharing service with over 5,000 users in New York City. Drivers are required to be vetted and have experience transporting passengers and pets. The app also screens drivers through an animal cruelty database. Drivers are paid by direct deposit, every Sunday. You’ll never miss a paycheck – the app is backed by a $1 million dollar seed funding round.

Drivers can choose their favorite drivers, or you can browse through a list of available ones. With its focus on creating a better user experience for everyone involved, the SpotOn app aims to ensure a comfortable ride for both passengers and pets. In addition to matching pet-friendly drivers with passengers, the app offers back seat liners to keep the pets comfortable during the trip. Drivers are also trained to handle pet transportation safely.

Curb Taxi

If you’re traveling with a pet, the Curb Taxi app is a great option. The app works with half of the yellow cabs and green cabs in New York, as well as more than 30 other cities in the U.S., and locks the meter for your ride when you call. That way, the driver won’t accept other rides while you’re on your way. The app’s pick-up and drop-off locations are inputted on a map, and you can move it with your finger to the location you’re going.

The Curb Taxi app connects you with safe rides and modernized rider experiences. The app is available for iPhone and Android and on the web. With a tap, you can request a ride. Curb also provides riders with ride tracking, contactless payments, and upfront fares. As the #1 taxi app in the U.S., Curb is ready to compete with Uber and Lyft for your business.


In Australia, a new company, PetCloud, has launched a new Pet Taxi App, which allows you to book a ride for your pet without having to worry about where it’s going. The app works like Uber, offering the same convenience as a human-driven car service. Customers can book a pet taxi on-demand or schedule the ride 72 hours in advance. The app also gives users an estimate of the fare prior to picking up their pet.

The service is simple. All you have to do is download the Pet Taxi app and sign up for a membership with the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. These associations promote humane pet transportation and aim to protect the rights of animals in transit.

These associations are a good place to start for anyone looking to start their own pet taxi business. The IPATA, an industry trade group, promotes animal welfare. The IPATA also promotes the humane transportation of animals.