Hurricane impact glass is a great option for homeowners in hurricane-prone areas. It protects homes from strong winds and lowers energy bills. Its special coating helps regulate the interior temperature of a home, making it more comfortable for occupants. Moreover, it has several layers and is highly sound-proof. So, it reduces outside noise, making it ideal for homes that are located near busy streets or airports.

Hurricane Impact Glass

Hurricane impact glass is made from high-performance materials to withstand high winds. This type of glass is typically used in windows and doors, and its high performance is crucial in protecting your home. It is used in the jambs to hold the windows and doors together. If the jambs are weak, the protection provided by hurricane-resistant windows or doors is compromised.

What is hurricane impact glass

Hurricane impact glass is typically made of laminated glass. A special film is then applied to protect the glass from wind, hurricanes, and falling debris. Fort Lauderdale Impact Windows and Doors The film seals the glass in place, preventing it from shattering and flying into the room. Hurricane impact glass is made to last. Most of these windows undergo a large-missile test to ensure their integrity.

Hurricane impact glass can help homeowners cut their heating and cooling bills. Because of its durability, it can keep summer heat out and keep the interior warm during colder months. It is also available in many styles and colors. It is especially popular in glass sliding doors. These doors can also be customized with different finishes and colors.