Deck maintenance in Geelong is essential to the success of your new pool or other water based recreation facility. Whether you are installing a new structure, updating an existing structure or remodelling your existing pool, deck maintenance will ensure that it is in tip top condition for years to come. If you live in Geelong and want to know how you can best maintain your deck then contact iLearningPhysicalDeck Maintenance.

Deck Maintenance

iLearningPhysicalDeck Maintenance is a fully licensed and accredited pool and spa deck cleaning company based in Geelong, Victoria Australia Deck Sanding Geelong. Their expert team will take you through every stage of the installation and maintenance of pool facilities, providing you with quality service and expert advice that will help keep your pool in great condition.

Pool deck maintenance involves a diverse array of activities including routine cleaning to prevent algae build up and structural damage to the structure, regular checks for any damage, replacement of deck tiles and sealants as well as repair and replacements. Tiles should be replaced on a regular basis to reduce the risk of structural damage.

It is important to remember that if you are using natural stone then normal wear and tear to wood and brick is to be expected, but with natural stone, you may need to treat stains and weathering to stop the damage from occurring. There are many treatments available that can protect your deck against sun damage and corrosion.

Pool deck maintenance in Geelong begins as soon as you have finished your initial ground work and once the pool has been safely installed. The first consideration will be the safety of your family and others around you. You should always try to maintain the highest standard of safety within the immediate vicinity of the pool.

This means using ladders and barriers to prevent falling and asking all guests using the pool to use lifeguards and alarms. It also means that you should always be ready to respond quickly to emergency calls and reports of people in the area.

The next step in deck care in Geelong involves removing any debris that may have fallen into the pool. Once this is done you should clean the area thoroughly and ensure that there is no further hazard. This means removing any leaves or other rubbish that may have fallen into the pool from the deck. You should also check your signage to make sure that there is nothing that could potentially fall into the pool when people are using it. For example, signs should not include glass or mirrors which could accidentally fall into the water.

Once you have cleaned the deck you will need to apply a protective coating to the surface. This will help to prevent algae from growing and spoil the look of your new feature. This coating should be applied on the entire deck from the railing to the deck walk. You should also consider placing mats near any features that you want to protect from the elements. These should be waterproof and leave no space for rain or snow to enter.

When it comes to routine deck maintenance in Geelong, you should focus on two issues. The first is to regularly inspect the railing for any signs of rust. If you notice rust, you should get this repaired immediately as this can affect the safety of guests and workers on the pool deck. Next, you should clean the pool area using mild soap and warm water. You should rinse all surfaces down with fresh water and dry the area completely before replacing any vinyl or plastic. This should ensure that your pool deck looks clear and pristine at all times.