If you are a candidate for a health screening then your provider may request a covid test. The test measures levels of a particular kind of fat within the blood known as triglycerides. A patient’s total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglyceride level have to be below a certain level in order for the test to prove accurate.

Covid-19 Test Results

Once the first blood test is obtained, results can generally be obtained online within about five days. Results from the initial visit will be compared with the results from the second visit, to determine if further testing is needed.

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Students, staff, and faculty who wish to obtain any of the above test results may either call the testing center directly or take the exam online. In some cases where the results need to be mailed in, students, staff, and faculty can purchase a paper copy of the results at the testing center covid tests from binax. Upon receiving their results they should compare them with the online test results in order to confirm that they are the same.

Students, staff, and faculty who wish to obtain both of the covid test results should contact the testing center directly. Online results will also be available for those who fax in their written exam or those who have mailed in their written exam. In most cases, it is advisable to contact the center to clarify what is required for each test.

When obtaining covid test results students, staff and faculty should check with the Canadian Human Services Agency to ensure that their results are consistent with those provided by their province.

Students, staff, and faculty who are not satisfied with the results they receive should contact the provincial human services agency for assistance. Test centers must provide their customers with detailed information on how to interpret the results provided by the testing locations.