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The Royal Victoria Hospital (also referred to as the Royal) is a public health and social care trust in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Patients are treated in its 154 beds. Aside from treating illnesses, patients can also receive rehabilitation, care, and therapy in this hospital.

If you or someone you know needs to be admitted to the hospital, you can find an available bed by using the online search tool. To begin your search, enter the name of the patient’s condition or the name of the hospital.

Victoria Hospital Belfast Beds

Located in the West End of Belfast, the Royal Victoria Hospital is a modern, upscale hospital that treats nearly 80,000 patients each year. The hospital’s prestigious reputation has earned it international recognition, as it is the largest hospital in Northern Ireland.

IKEA Belfast Beds
IKEA Belfast Beds

The hospital offers local and regional healthcare services, including a cardiac surgery center, a trauma center, and intensive care beds in Belfast. It also has state-of-the-art facilities.

The hospital opened a nine-bed short-stay unit in the emergency department in 2009. This article explores the rationale behind this new model of care delivery. It also covers four key areas essential for the successful running of the unit.

Including integrated care pathways and training of clinical nurse leaders. The article also discusses the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, leadership, and change management. The hospital is also focusing on a new education center.