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If you’re in the market for new jewelry, consider getting it silver-plated. Decorative silver electroplating involves the application of a cyanide-based solution to the metal. Despite its common use in the arts and crafts industry, cyanide is also a highly toxic substance.

Buying Silver-Plating Jewelry

Even in small amounts, the chemical can release harmful hydrogen cyanide gas. A gas chamber works by mixing cyanide with acid to form a solution that bonds with the metal tattoo supply wholesale. In addition to the aesthetic effects, it can also be a life-saving substance, if used properly.

Disney Jewelry
Disney Jewelry

While sterling silver is 92.5% pure, silver-plated jewelry is not as valuable. Fine silver, which is 99% pure, is too soft for jewelry. However, the plated material is affordable and will last for years. Buying silver-plated jewelry can be a good option if you don’t mind paying an extra few bucks. This type of jewelry is still considered high-quality and will last for a long time.

Generally, silver-plated jewelry will last longer if it’s stored in an airtight container. However, you should keep it away from chemicals, as they can degrade the silver layer. Keep it in a clean and airtight box with anti-tarnish paper. Also, remember that thinner plating lasts less. Therefore, you may want to consider getting your jewelry replated at a professional shop.