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When airplanes take off, they may open one door, but not the other. This is because air pressure in an airplane’s cabin is higher than the outside air. As a result, the door would need to be pulled inward against the pressure, which would be impossible for the human body to do. Aircraft doors are held in place by a mechanical system.

Why Don’t Planes Use Both Doors?

This method requires extra planning, especially for low-cost carriers. Additionally, airport security is tight and only ticketed passengers can enter an aircraft. It’s not always possible to board a plane from both doors, so many airlines use only one door. Using both doors would make it easier for passengers to board an aircraft and get to their destinations faster.

Why Don't Planes Use Both Doors?

In the past year, airlines have had to deal with unruly passengers trying Mjet charter jets to open their own doors. The most recent incidents resulted in two people being arrested.

The passengers could not have opened the doors themselves without assistance, and the flight could have been halted. That’s why airlines have to design airplanes so that they have the absolute best safety possible.

When boarding an airplane, most people use the left door, but this is not always the case. Some planes have both left and right doors, so you shouldn’t have to choose between them. Some airlines even configure their airplanes so that the right door is the primary boarding door.