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One of the biggest questions you may have is “What can security guards do?” In general, security guards have the legal authority to use force to protect the property and lives of people within a jurisdiction.

What Security Guards Can and Can’t Do

This includes detaining people suspected of committing a crime until local law enforcement can arrive. However, there are a few things that security guards cannot do, including arresting a person without probable cause.

What Security Guards Can and Can't Do

Guards should always be aware of their legal responsibilities security companies Los Angeles. Guards are not allowed to use excessive force, such as using handcuffs on an intruder, and they should never be the first to apply force.

However, if they feel that the situation is becoming violent, they can detain the person until the police arrive. Using excessive force can also damage a security guard’s reputation, so it’s important to know how to handle conflict situations without excessive force.

Guards can arrest a person if they believe that they’ve observed a crime. This can be done through handcuffs and a pat down for weapons. The guard should call the police as soon as they reasonably can. In some cases, they may even have the right to seize the person’s weapon.

The main purpose of a security guard is to protect the property and people inside the premises. This means that they’re responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone, including visitors and employees. In addition, security guards must be courteous and have good communication skills.

While the job of a security guard is to protect people from harm, security guards can also prevent damage to property. If the guard catches someone committing a crime, he must hold the person until the police arrive to take them into custody.