The UK 49ers Football Club has held its annual meeting this past weekend. Many fans attended the gathering, which was held at the Bank of England in London, England. During the meeting, the new Head Coach of the UK 49ers Colin Kaepernick took the opportunity to speak with members of the media regarding his vision for this team and this football team uk lunchtime results. This interview has just been released in the locker room following the meeting. I have included a two-minute clip that captures some of the very interesting comments that were made by Colin.

In the video clip you will see Colin talking to the reporters about having the opportunity to meet previous head coaches that are no longer with the team. He talked about how he’s hoping to bring back the luster that was once provided by those former coaches. He also mentioned having a vision for the future and what he hopes to accomplish as the head coach of the UK football club. Among the many topics that were touched on during this conversation, one of the most interesting discussions took place about his expectations for this football club. The report below includes my conclusion and analysis of what happened at this meeting.

UK 49ers Lunchtime Results

As you may know the new 49ers Head Coach is Mr. Michael Silvera who is entering his first season as the head coach of the club. During his opening remarks he made it clear that his expectations for this team and for the future were derived from his expectations for the team itself. His remarks in this meeting came after he had lunch with the new members of the team, during which he discussed his vision and how he sees this team going into this upcoming season. As you may expect his remarks in the video clip below were quite enthusiastic and showed his level of passion for this team and this football club.

In the video clip you will notice that Mr. Silvera discussed his expectations for the upcoming year and then mentioned that he would like to see things turn out better than last year. During the next part of his news conference he went on to say that he was happy with the progress of the team and felt that they were moving in the right direction. When questioned by the assembled media later on day regarding his comments regarding his expectations for the team and its future he also included the same words; “It’s been a great experience so far, I’m very proud of them”.

With these comments in context it’s easy to see where the 49ers stand in regards to their expectations for the upcoming season and the future. Now that Michael Silvera is the head coach of the team you can be sure that their expectations are on the right track. The only thing left to do after reading this news report is to sit back and enjoy the ride because this is going to be a big year for this football club. You can expect big things from your favorite players and this season will certainly prove to be an exciting one for the fans. I’m sure you’ll want to stay updated with all the latest on the progress of this team.

Final Words

As the season progresses expect some very good results from the 49ers. With so much young talent on the team you can’t help but notice how quickly they gel together. It’s really exciting to watch them play because on any given day you could have two good young defensive talents and a poor one. This should keep the fans happy as they wait for the regular season to begin.