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Besides the paintball gun, the more paintball mask is the most significant bit of kit you will put money into Buy KN95 Masks Online. Even though the number of severe injuries in paintball is low compared with other sports, they can be severe.

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A paintball traveling at 300 feet per minute can perform a great deal of harm, especially to the sensitive head area. It’s very important that you protect your eyes and eyes from injury with a fantastic excellent mask.

The Paintball Mask Review

You want a proper, goal made paintball mask,made to strict business regulations to defy the speed of a paintball.

Your paintball mask needs to offer adequate protection whilst still feeling comfortable. If your mask is uncomfortable it’s going to be a distraction and will impair your ability to play nicely. There should be cushioning around the outer edges of the mask to keep it in place and ensure a comfortable fit.

Your mask must fit nicely. Paintball is a very active game. Your mask should fit securely to withstand many distinct manoeuvres. If you wear glasses, check your mask will fit over them professionally.

Another thing to consider when choosing a suitable paintball mask is your area of vision. Whilst safety has to come first, You still will need to get a wide, clear vision so as to play successfully. You have to get a fantastic peripheral vision to guard you from surprise attacks from both side. You should also have the ability to see clearly through the rifle sight without the mask getting in the way.

Ideally your mask ought to be anti-fog to avoid steaming up in the heat of battle. Some paintball masks have a picture on them to stop them misting over. Even better are thermal masks. All these are layered masks with an air cushion between the layers to keep your vision crystal clear at all times.

Just because it is important to safeguard and increase your vision, it is also vital to protect your ears without impairing your hearing loss. Your paintball mask should cover the whole head to prevent you being hit on any sensitive area. Some masks could be personalized with ear flaps. Whichever mask you select, check that you can still listen correctly to stop you being crept up on. You have to be attentive and have all your senses sharp to play paintball well.

Paintball packages offer an perfect start up kit for gamers new to the game and are perfect if you’re on a budget. All fantastic packages will include a paintball mask. However, It is important not to compromise on the quality of the mask for the advantage and value of the package deal. The mask is an essential piece of equipment and has to be selected wisely. If the mask is not any good, it is a false economy to go for the package.


Paintball masks come in a variety of colors and styles. As cool as some appearance, security has to be your first consideration. You’d be well advised to invest in a top-quality mask instead of having to continually replace more affordable versions.