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Talking with a friend from the South, brought back memories with this particular pre-boomer regarding the regional products I liked as a child. It was only when we had been older and began traveling that one of us must taste what the other enjoyed as a child because those were regional manufacturers which weren’t best vendors, or in several cases not accessible, except at certain regions of the nation.

Foods and Drinks

Loving the foods out of my hometown, I fondly recalled my favorites: Philly Cheese Steaks, soft pretzels, scrapple, tomato sauce (the ancient neighborhood name for supper ) in addition to a plethora of others. It had been great fun remembering these gastronomical memories and my mouth watered as I yearned for only 1 taste, which could barely be sufficient.

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This got me thinking about food and beverage from shore to shore. I contacted a couple of friends who grew up in various areas of the country and also did a bit of internet research to think of a few of the snacks and beverages New Seniors appreciated when we did not need to be concerned about our waste traces or our cholesterol.

New Englanders’ had a beverage called Moxie that was popular before Coke (initially invented in Atlanta) and Pepsi (the solution to Coke that transferred from the North Top Brunch Spots NYC Carolina origins to New York City) started to make inroads from the more powerful tasting Moxie.

The acceptance of Boston Red Sox star Ted Williams’ may not halt the slide of the once-famous drink. That part of the nation, as well as other areas, had plenty of flavored beverages made by local bottlers.

One of these was Dr. Brown’s a pop that appealed to the regions large Jewish people and spread nationally for this. Dr. Pepper was a large from the Southwest and also there was Shasta about the West Coast. There were no diet beverages back then.

One or more one of these beverages was ideal for washing down our favorite sub sandwiches. But that is not exactly what they were known as anywhere. The grinder was the title for this Italian specialization at the Northeast.

A Hero is exactly what New Yorkers ordered. Back in Philly, it had been a Hoagie. New Orleans spawned the title Po’ Boy, that was Poor Boy in St. Louis. Chicago had the Beef sandwich. Blimpie, Torpedo, Rocket, Bomber, and Zeppelin are names used with this toaster which may change its own ingredients, but not its form, based on the component of the nation in which it’s made.

The differences by geographical areas are sometimes striking. By the identical token you will be surprised by the similarities of several things, but for the name that the natives call it. In any scenario, our memories inform us just how much we appreciated the tastes of our favorite foods and beverages from long past.

Living in Los Angeles, he’s written two books in retirement, often writes on advertising issues, also has a site specializing in pre-boomers (those born between 1930 and 1945).