This reddiquette is in effect for all information on Reddit. In fact, a new rule was just introduced a few days ago (Reddiquette 7) which states that you cannot post anything on Reddit that is commercial advertising. Now there are some exceptions to this rule, which is okay as well so long as the information is relevant to your topic.

Also, please note that the advertising and the commercial information should be presented in a manner that the user is either unaware of or in their best interest to not notice the advertisement at all. For instance, if you are talking about the effects of Vitamin D on mental health then you do not want to advertise that information through your submission of a picture of very pale and sickly-looking skin.

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The information you submit should be more informative than a sales pitch. If you are selling a supplement to treat depression then your reddiquette would state that you should put up pictures of happy children and healthy adults.

This is the best way to avoid conflict with the user base and to keep the conversation on track Also, if you are talking about the health benefits of Vitamin D then you should avoid using the term “little people” and instead use terms such as “adults with small stature”. This will keep the conversation flowing without any form of bias.

As etiquette states, “Don’t use a link when posting a link”. This rule is in place to prevent users from clicking on a link to an unrelated website and getting lost on the way to the related content. It also prevents the other person from getting lost on the way to the website. The only exception to this rule is when you are submitting your own article and using a referral link. In this case, the reference link can be your website but it must provide proper attribution.