Notes on the Background of Land Surveying

Since man has determined that a part of the land must belong to a tribe, the demand for surveying started.

Land Surveying

Land surveying is intriguing. The methods used search to choose which part of property belongs to whom, ideally end arguments once and for all.

In brief, surveying is a procedure utilizing mathematical ways to survey the property.

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The initial accounts of studying property date back to early Egypt. Experts have discovered evidence that the early Egyptians used fundamental geometry to redraw the lines of the border whenever the Nile River overflowed.

They took it one step farther and created a “land surveyor” a formal place inside the Empire Topogrpahic Surveys Bristol. They have been known as agrimensores, also called Corpus Agrimensorum Romanorum.

Even though they used quite simple toolsthey were very detailed with their tasks and could produce direct lines and proper angles with the usage of those tools. Following the lines were quantified, they’d create shallow ditches to indicate the traces. In reality, a number of those furrows they left still exist now.

This book is, in fact, a listing of titles of property owners, the quantity of property they possessed and other info regarding the property. While it had been a wonderful quantity of information at this time, the bits of data were not 100% right. The places weren’t accurate and the maps weren’t made to climb.

Among history’s biggest icons was an avid surveyor – Napoleon Bonaparte. The interest in surveying property was really only a product of his desire to conquer the entire world. Napoleon Bonaparte set a registry known as the cadastre. Including a recorder of possessions of a county, ownership information, places and as many details regarding the property’s value. Yes, Napoleon Bonaparte could be thought of a property surveyor – and also a very wise man.

The techniques employed for land surveying also have evolved over time. Quite a very long time ago, people would use whatever may help them determine the exact distance from 1 stage to another. This usually means using chains with hyperlinks and even ropes. Obviously, this did not give accurate results but they did not possess the technology we’ve back then.