When looking for the best class for motorhomes, it is necessary to know what your specific needs are. The class that best suits your traveling needs and budget is also going to be the class that saves you the most money. There is no best class, but there are several classes that are considered the best class for the particular needs of the buyer. To narrow down the choices we have listed the classes in descending order from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Motorhome Classes

If you plan on doing most of your traveling on long trips, an economy class motorhome is probably your best bet. This is also the cheapest class but the savings don’t just stop there. You can save another couple hundred dollars a month when you purchase an economy class RV. It is considered a best class RV because it is less luxurious than some of the other classifications that are available.

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Most of these motorhomes have enough room to comfortably sleep six people, although there are some that can seat seven comfortably. You will save a little extra money with this RV as opposed to a class that would cost double or triple the amount.

The top of the line RV is known as a paragon. This is the highest classification possible for motorhomes. They are the pride of the industry and often come with a hefty price tag read this. Paragons can cost over one-fourth of a million dollars and that price includes features like satellite radio, heated flooring, and luxury extras like walk-in closets. These are the biggest and best class of motorhomes on the market.

If you are looking for a travel trailer for only short trips, you can consider a fifth wheel. These motorhomes are very economical and can typically fit two people in them. They are great for weekend camping trips and longer road trips. They are often much smaller than a full-sized RV and cost much less money. The best class of this RV is usually sold by a major manufacturer and is known as a ranch trailer.

Many new motorhome owners purchase an older Class A motorhome and then buy a Class B RV to take on extended trips. The best class of this RV is usually sold by an individual manufacturer and the price for it is a lot lower than what you would pay for an older model. In addition, when you purchase an older Class A, the warranty will be for that model and not for the newest models available.

You may want to look into the best class of motorhomes under 35 feet if you need to travel more than a few days in your RV. These can be a great choice if you plan on taking a cross-country trek and want to save money on gas. There are different manufacturers of Class A RVs so you will want to check out the ones that are most popular. In addition, there are many online sites that offer up information on these motorhomes and which one is best suited to your needs. Choosing the best class of motorhomes under 35 feet can help you save a great deal of money on your next road trip.