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Whether it’s to create a more modern look, or to add privacy and soundproofing, plastering your walls can enhance the look of your home. However, while the plaster is more durable, drywall is cheaper and easier to install. Not only is drywall easier to manipulate, but it also has better insulation properties than plaster. Additionally, it’s easier to hang items from walls.

Is it Necessary to Plaster Drywall?

The cost of plastering is a big factor. Using plaster instead of drywall will save you money, as you won’t have to replace the entire wall. It’s also a great option if you want a high-end appearance in your home. You can add accent colors to your walls, or a decorative pattern to the ceiling. You can also add additional insulation to your walls if you’d like.

Is it Necessary to Plaster Drywall?

Dry drywall comes in large paper-covered sheets of compressed gypsum. These are usually screwed into the wall studs. When using screws, it’s best to use self-drilling screws or toggle bolts. Using nails will lead to cracking in your walls.

Plaster walls are harder than drywall and can’t accept nails easily. A pushpin can easily penetrate a drywall wall, but a nail will bounce back out. The reason why plaster walls resist nails is that the laths that support the wall flex. Because of this, small nails can easily penetrate into them, but the nails in plaster will bounce back out.