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Do you know the kind of countertop you desire? The kind of countertop you pick might be dependent on the best way best to wash them properly. It’s essential for 2 reasons. 1. Appropriate care for the sort of countertop you need will allow it to last longer. 2. There are health reasons why that you would like to wash your countertop properly.

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I’ll get into the typical kinds of countertops under and how to properly wash them.


It’s a reasonable material and gives your house a high-end appearance.

This natural rock is quite porous. It requires proper preparation and good daily habits to ensure that your granite countertop lasts a lifetime.

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The very first step is correctly cleaning. It’s safest and best to clean granite frequently Atlanta countertop fabricator. They say you need to wash it down after each meal prep. You ought to avoid routine cleaners and abrasives. All these are proven to breakdown the seal and may cause your shirt to rust over time.

Dry using a microfiber fabric to prevent streaking. You might even glow and disinfect using a 50:50 water along with a 90% isopropyl alcohol solution.

However, if you’re one that does not obey a messy kitchen, then you need to think about sealing them. Spills such as wine and fatty foods may lead to etching and discoloration.

The reason most individuals do not seal is the way frequently. They advocate sealing every 3-6 weeks. If you get to the daily habit of cleanup, then you certainly won’t need to seal.


This really is the most durable counter available on the marketplace. It’s also among the priciest. This non-porous blot – and – scratch-resistant is a fantastic countertop if you are able to afford it.

Another wonderful thing about granite countertops is simple cleaning. If you would like to use a cleaner, then you need to always ask the merchant who installed it. They’ll provide you an approved listing of cleansers.


Another appropriate title for laminate is your signature term Formica. Laminate is a mixture of paper, plastic, and board. It’s likewise a nonporous substance. It’s possible to get germs trapped in the pits. It is among the most inexpensive countertop alternatives available on the marketplace.

It is possible to use a gentle soap and warm water to maintain laminate clean. Unlike walnut, laminate can blot.

Apply cleaner and let it pull out the stain.

Clean using a spinning movement. If a sponge or cotton does not work, consider using a nylon-bristle plastic or brush scrubbing pad. Don’t certain steel wool.

Rinse with warm water and dry. Eliminate all of the cleaners out of the surface.


I really like Wood countertops and believe they look fantastic in a kitchen. The principal reason I will not get them will be the quantity of care. You need to immediately wash them after usage particularly bacteria boring foods such as chicken. In addition, you will need to prevent contact with vinegar.

The industry urges your oil and washes Wood countertops once per month. You want to be certain that you use a mineral oil that’s food secure and will not turn rancid.


Granite is a gorgeous countertop, but it’s also quite porous. The straightforward acid weld may etch the marble leaving a scar that is dull. 1 spill out of a common products such as wine, tomato juice, and juice may ruin them. Even milk may lead to etching.

Never utilize shore, Windex or vinegar for a cleansing agent. Do not use any abrasive pads or cleaners. Granite scratches easily. Simply use mild soap and warm water using a soft fabric.


Glass in a different gorgeous kitchen countertop. Maintaining glass clean is just as easy a moist rag. Household cleansers like a mixture of baking soda and vinegar are powerful enough to remove many stains.