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In Pakistan, there are many reasons to be concerned about the shortage of dentists. Dental schools are not equipped with qualified faculty and are more interested in making money than in the welfare of the country’s oral health. Currently, there are only fifty-five dental colleges in Pakistan, including private and public schools. There are plans to establish more in the near future, but the government has not yet approved them.

How Many Dentists Are There in Pakistan?

The survey was carried out among 350 dentists from all specialties in Pakistan. It included undergraduate and postgraduate dentists, as well as consultants, specialists, and general practitioners. The respondents were chosen through nonprobability purposive sampling. Informed consent was provided before the survey was conducted.

How Many Dentists Are There in Pakistan?

The study aimed to determine the number of dentists in Pakistan by examining the number of dental practices in various regions of Vancouver Wa Dentist. Dentists were not required to register with any central body, but they were asked to complete a questionnaire to ensure their participation.

There were significant differences in the number of dentists in different regions, and some regions were more likely to have dentists than others.

As a country with poor health, there is a huge need to improve dental services. A lack of qualified doctors in rural areas has made dental services inaccessible to many people.

Public health initiatives like free annual dental exams and water fluoridation are vital to prevent dental diseases. These programs can be helpful in reducing the rising burden of dental diseases and reviving dentistry as a rewarding profession.