Dietary supplements, or alternative medicines as they are also known, have been a subject of controversy in recent years. Federal prosecutors filed charges against an herbal supplement distributor, stating that he had failed to show that the company’s product was safe or effective.

Dietary Supplements

Federal prosecutors said that the distributor, Mark H. Solomon, knew that the formulation of the company’s nutritional supplements was unreliable and could lead to serious health issues. Solomon, who is free on bond, is scheduled to appear in court on June 4.

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The charges come at a time when dietary supplements, and the companies manufacturing them, are under increasing scrutiny from the FDA, and authorities around the world learn more about okinawa flatbelly supplement here. The FDA, which is responsible for protecting the public’s health, is conducting its own investigation into whether dietary supplements are safe or effective, and wants to know more about the manufacturing processes used by companies that produce dietary supplements.

The European Union and other regulatory bodies are also conducting similar investigations. While the American Food and Drug Administration welcomes new information on dietary supplements and their safety, the agency has refused to open the investigation into dietary supplements to the public, saying that it is a matter of commerce between private parties.

Critics of dietary supplements have pointed out that most people are unaware of the health and safety risks associated with many of these supplements. There is very little scientific research on these products, making it difficult to determine their effectiveness.

Even fewer studies have explored the possibility of interactions among different vitamins and other nutrients, and the long-term health effects of taking large doses of multiple nutrients at once.

More research is necessary to determine whether the use of these products can increase a person’s risk of certain diseases. For now, however, the best approach to taking dietary supplements – if you can – is to consult with your doctor and take what is given.