Composing A Ebook Is Very Similar To Creating A Picture – You’re Your Executive Producer

Writing an ebook, or perhaps a conventional publication is somewhat like building a picture Where is Heartland filmed. Everything begins as an idea in somebody’s head and the film is looking at a theatre near you.

The enormous difference is you will have all the management when you’re writing, selling, and marketing your own ebook GRY. You may make all the choices and reap all the rewards. Here’s the analogy I think about when relating the composing of an ebook to that of creating a film.

Clapperboard, Black, Cut, Director

Executive Producer

  • Pre-Production – Determining exactly what the ebook will probably be around
  • Location Scouting – Finding out that your audience is going to probably be
  • Pitching the thought into the studios – performing your keyword and market subject research
  • Lights, Camera, Action! – Teleseminars according to your articles
  • Now think about all of the issues which proceed with the author, director, producer, actors, crew, and many others involved with the making of a movie and you’ll realize that writing an ebook is actually a very straightforward procedure.
  • Write it in precisely the exact same sequence for a movie is generated and you’ll have your step-by-step outline of how to write an ebook.