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When you suffer from a medical condition caused by NHS negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. In some cases, you can also receive compensation for your financial loss, including lost income during your recovery and future income when you are unable to work. Your compensation may also cover care costs and rehabilitation.

Can I Sue NHS for Negligence?

To file a claim, you must first notify the NHS commissioning body of the negligence and request copies of your medical records to read more on In addition, you must notify them of any safety concerns that occurred during the treatment. Your letter must state which records you need and any other information that may be relevant to your case. Once you have the necessary records, you can contact an NHS medical solicitor. They will help you file a claim and provide legal advice.

Can I Sue NHS for Negligence?

The time limit to make an NHS complaint is three years from the date of the negligence. However, this can be extended for compelling reasons Medical negligence solicitors Dublin. For example, if you were under the age of 18 or were suffering from mental incapacity at the time of the incident, you have more time to file a claim.

You should consider hiring a solicitor. A reputable firm will discuss your case and draw up a no-win-no-fee agreement, which outlines the conditions under which you will receive compensation if your claim is successful. You should be aware that the NHS pays for a large portion of your solicitor’s costs if the claim is successful. Furthermore, a solicitor will guide you through this complex area of the law.