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With growing inmate populations in jails throughout the nation and fewer funds for all those jails, some might love to utilize commercial bail bond firms as a suitable scapegoat since the origin jail overcrowding.

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Among the most misguided beliefs is that jails are overcrowded because a lot of inmates are stuck in prison awaiting their trial to start. According to people who’ve researched this topic, 70 to 80 percent of all inmates are awaiting trial in prison on account of the simple fact they can’t afford to shell out cash for a bail bondsman. But, experts assert that this isn’t correct.

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The analysis that determined most offenders are in jail awaiting their trial to start is really contradicts itself bail bondsman orlando. The JFA Institute examined the overcrowding of jails throughout Los Angeles County and reasoned that approximately 70 percent of the offenders were, in actuality, sitting in jail awaiting their trial.

The analysis also determined that a number of the 70 percent of prisoners are being held at a means where they aren’t qualified to post a bond or have somebody place it to their own.

As an instance, lots of the offenders being held at the L.A. County jails have been held because they’ve been announced too violent to be released to society.

Taking these conditions into consideration means that of the prisoners from the jails, just 13 percent of the entire populace are there because they can not manage to pay a bail bondsman. Thirteen percent of a prison population doesn’t result in overcrowding in any prison center.

Still another fact demonstrating this stage is that not all countries allow commercial bail bonds. Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Oregon forbid using a commercial bail bond.

Why then are those states experiencing higher rates of county prison overpopulation and greater prices to the taxpayers for inmate detention and home? The JFA research on overcrowded jails appeared to have conveniently overlooked details like this in creating their decisions.

Considering that County Jails are largely utilized to maintain prisoners until their trial begins, then it’s clear that this applies to the vast majority of prisoners.

Blaming bail bonds for inducing jail overcrowding has been misrepresented by this kind of false info. Those pointing their fingers at bail bond companies such as causing overcrowded jails are utilizing the idea to warrant the release of prisoners the jail was designated to maintain the first location.