To recognize and reward the very best content marketing campaigns, marketers, and agencies in the market every year. The annual Content Marketing Awards features more than 75 different categories recognizing all facets of content marketing.

Awards of the Year

The judging panel for this prestigious honor includes some of the most respected names in the content marketing field. Categories are based on creativity, service, innovation, and impact. The following are the seven categories recognized for the 2007 Content Marketing Awards.

Influencer, Writing, Girl, Woman, Typing

In 2007, the judging panel for the Content Marketing Awards will hand out four major awards at a ceremony in London, England Squawkia, Inc.. These include gala trophies for the best performing in each category. The Marketing Manager of the Year is presented with this distinguished award at the same time as the Editor-in-chief and the Publisher of the year.

The company whose marketing efforts have had the most positive impact on its clients is given the grand award. Other categories for consideration are the Outstanding Service category, which recognizes those services and products which have had the greatest positive contribution to their clients, and the Best Online Sales and Marketing category, which recognizes those sales and marketing efforts that have had the greatest impact on their respective client base.

If you are looking for a new content marketer, you can take your pick from a wide range of applicants for the Content Marketing Agency of the Year. There are several companies and individuals that specialize in providing SEO and internet marketing services to a number of different companies.

These are the ideal candidates for a content marketer job because they possess the necessary skills and are experienced in all aspects of the industry. These companies and individuals are the front runners when it comes to receiving clients’ attention and creating brand awareness for products and/or services.

The top seven candidates for the coveted Content Marketing Agency of the Year will be announced at the annual World Wide Web Conference in Las Vegas during the second week of August. The company or individual with the most buzz in this arena receives the coveted title of Best Content Marketer of the Year.

In addition to the seven people who will be awarded this prestigious honor, another thirty-five people will also be recognized for their roles in helping to build the World Wide Web’s best and most visited website. This is one of the biggest and most influential events of the year, so any company that would like to feature in it must be well-prepared for its competition.

The Search Marketing category recognizes those individuals and companies that make it their business to promote websites through search engines. The Search Marketing Agency of the Year program recognizes both small and large companies that have made it their goal to achieve online visibility. For the MSP-C category, there are two separate but interconnected categories: branded content and white label optimized content.

The MSP-C judges, however, tend to favor the former more than the latter. Branded content, in this instance, refers to articles that have been spun and customized for the purpose of attracting organic traffic via search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

The Search Marketing Agency of the Year program recognizes various other types of strategies and products, including white-label optimization and social media marketing strategies. These strategies help marketers in their overall efforts, and they often produce results beyond what many would expect.

They can increase the ranking of a particular company’s site in search engine results, attract more targeted visitors, and increase brand awareness in many different ways. Brand recognition and increased traffic are always welcome prospects, and they are exactly what the MSP-C judging panel looks for each year.

If you want to win in one of the toughest business categories around, you need to show your competitors that you are the clear market leader in the Content Marketing Agency of the Year awards, and you should do so by being the best in every aspect of your marketing strategy.