There are many different types of tow vehicles available to the driver of a car or truck. Tow trucks can carry heavy loads of material, including large cars and sometimes even larger loads of merchandise.

Towing Capacity

Tow vehicles come in both four-wheel drives and two-wheel drives. In either case, they are designed to transport cargo over land and other liquids and have a bed for transporting goods and a frame on the back that the tow vehicle sits on.

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Towing a trailer requires the driver to use the proper equipment. Generally, most tow vehicles Australian drivers must use a properly registered and certified tow vehicle with a correctly sized tow vehicle hookup – one that is firmly attached to the tow vehicle, one that is securely attached to the tow vehicle, and one that is secured to the ground by a properly fitted winch.

Additionally, certain States take a hard line against wrong combinations of tow vehicles and trailers and will charge heavy fines if the combination is not working properly Canberra car removal. It is important that the right combination is used and that the correct weight is used for the combination. Failure to make sure these things happen can cause a number of problems and even result in the tow vehicle, the trailer, and the goods being damaged.

A good way to start out is to test the tow vehicle combination by putting the entire vehicle, including the tow vehicle, in motion. Give the trailer a go for about a hundred feet and check to see how far the trailer can go before it starts to pull ahead.

Also, check to see how far the trailer can go when the tow vehicle is slowing down. As you do this, note how much weight you can remove from the vehicle in the process. As a general rule, you should try to keep on the edge of your maximum capacity.